Energy efficiency and decarbonisation

Decarbonisation: a challenge for energy to protect the environment

Eneria cares about the environment, which is the reason why it proposes solutions in line with the French government’s national low-carbon strategy.  The purpose of this road map is to combat climate change by implementing solutions that pave the way towards a low-carbon, circular and sustainable economy.

Energy efficiency is one of the solutions that can be used to decarbonise and reduce CO2 emissions.

The goal of energy efficiency is to consume less by using less energy, while retaining quality conditions of use. Consume less, but consume better, while still benefiting from its numerous advantages:

Make savings by optimising consumption

No longer depend on fossil fuels

Contribute to decarbonisation by limiting the growth of your carbon footprint

Improve the image of your company in the eyes of your customers by implementing an environmental transition strategy.

The goal in industry is to make a 20% gain in energy efficiency between 2010 and 2030, per tonne produced.

Energy efficiency: our renewable solutions

Our experts can help you to draw up a decarbonisation road map that is suited to your assets. We look into the possibilities of converting your energy mix to renewables, on the basis of our portfolio of technologies:

  • biomass, thermal solar, photovoltaic and heat pumps for a decarbonised energy supply,
  • hydrogen, biofuels and hybrid systems for machinery, vehicles and mobile machines.


Thermal solar

Photovoltaic panels


Thanks to Eneria, your energy mix can be greened in safety, at a controlled cost and with guaranteed results.

Boost your energy transition

Energy efficiency case studies

Industry: optimise your energy bills and become less dependent on fossil fuels
Installation of a biomass boiler
Use of an energy mix (biomass and thermal solar) in a greenhouse
Wastewater treatment plants: consume solar power produced on site