Electric power supply for tertiary buildings

Establishments open to the public, high-rise buildings and administrative buildings: a multi-activity sector. A demand for energy to welcome customers and offer an exemplary service.

Tertiary buildings include all the infrastructures occupied by enterprises in the tertiary sector, such as buildings occupied by companies, organisations and administrations that exercise a service-based activity. They include establishments open to the public, such as shopping centres, hotels, restaurants and concert halls, as well as buildings that are mainly frequented by workers, such as office buildings, business centres and banks, plus administrative buildings housing government departments or prisons.

Irrespective of the activities exercised in these tertiary buildings, they all need a reliable and uninterrupted electricity supply to protect the safety of their customers, visitors and employees, and to offer a warm, top-quality welcome. A power cut can have serious consequences: business processes grind to a halt, especially in e-commerce companies, financial processes are suspended in banks and on stock exchanges, shopping malls close down, refrigerated or frozen foodstuffs in restaurants are lost, employees or visitors stuck in lifts find themselves in danger, etc. All these situations damage the image of companies and have serious financial consequences.

It is essential to have a secure, standalone source of backup electricity in order to prevent any incidents and to guarantee the faultless continuity of the electricity supply. This source must enable tertiary buildings to continue to operate in a minimal degraded mode, until the electricity network is restored. 

Thanks to our expertise in energy engineering and to our backup electricity systems for buildings in the tertiary sector, you can benefit from solutions specifically adapted to your field of activity in order to secure a continuous supply of electricity for your tertiary buildings.

Our products for tertiary buildings:
Are you looking for an efficient, sustainable and decarbonised global, multi-energy solution for your tertiary activities?
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Backup diesel gensets for tertiary buildings

You need gensets that guarantee the usual level of service, in order to protect your company against power cuts and to continue to welcome and service your customers in the event of the failure or interruption of the main power supply. Thanks to our gensets, you can continue to operate normally, without causing any dissatisfaction amongst your customers and your employees.

Our experts offer the best equipment in our broad range of diesel and biodiesel gensets that are best adapted to the tertiary sector.

UPS backup power supplies for tertiary buildings

Shut-down of the check-out tills, failure of computer hardware and automatic doors, risks to the means of evacuating people, difficulties for the rescue services to intervene, data losses, damaged foodstuffs… Electrical incidents can result in the loss of potential revenue for your business, endanger your customers and employees and damage your image. The success of the tertiary sector depends on the quality of customer service, which must be faultless, in order to guarantee customer satisfaction, loyalty and recommendations.

Therefore, it is imperative to maintain a backup electricity supply in your tertiary buildings, even when the public grid fails. Our UPS dedicated to the tertiary sector guarantee the continuity of the electric current as soon as a break in the current is detected.

In combination with our backup gensets, our uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) can perfectly cover the time required to start up the gensets, which is about 15 seconds. An Eneria expert can act as your single point of contact for the successful integration of these two systems.

Find out more about our solutions based on renewable energies

Do you want to harness the potential of renewable energies to fully or partially power your tertiary building? We have the solutions:


We offer biodiesel-fuelled gensets that can effectively help you to reduce your environmental impact.

Panneaux solaires

Photovoltaic solar panels

Our solar panels are a source of renewable energy that supplement your main energy source and allow you to make good use of your available spaces to produce green energy.
You can install our solar panels on the roofs of your tertiary buildings, or our photovoltaic canopies in your car parks.

Thermal solar panels

Thermal solar panels produce water at temperatures of up to 180°C that can be used for your activities, even in overcast weather.

Hydrogen genset

The hydrogen genset solution: zero emissions guaranteed. The GEH2® only discharges water. Totally silent and odour-free.

Hydrogen-powered fuel cells produce the electricity you need for both a continuous power supply and a backup energy source.

When combined with our other sources of renewable energies, this technology offers a multitude of possibilities to reduce the environmental impact of your tertiary building.

How to maintain the backup electricity systems in your tertiary buildings?
Electrical Services and Maintenance for tertiary buildings

Maintenance of multiple makes of gensets and UPS

Installations of our energy solutions for tertiary buildings