Societal and environmental responsibility at the heart of Eneria

Eneria implements an environmental protection, sustainable development and societal policy for all of its stakeholders. It takes concrete and effective actions to honour all of its commitments.

Our CSR actions:

Monnoyeur’s CSR policy

The strategy of Monnoyeur, to which Eneria belongs, includes a Corporate Social Responsibility policy that highlights the group’s values in terms of ethics, the environment and safety.

Supporting our customers in the ecological transition through our products and services offering

Eneria supplies its customers with safe and high-quality products, and provides them with associated services enabling them to operate efficiently. We are committed to supporting our customers so that they are part of the ongoing ecological transition and digital transformation.

Eneria is committed to continuing its action in favour of gender equality. In 2020, Monnoyeur, to which Eneria belongs, signed its Diversity Charter, which aims to promote equal opportunities and diversity throughout the group.

Personnel safety: a top priority

Our people work on sites with varied profiles and activities: gensets and UPS, cogeneration power plants, industrial engines in quarries, marine engines, petrochemical sites and offshore rigs. Every situation has its own risks.

Protecting the health and safety of all its employees and every other operative is a major and permanent goal for Eneria. At the heart of this organisation, both management and employees have committed to implementing and meeting the legislative and regulatory requirements applicable to health and safety at work. All the measures contribute to the continual improvement of accident prevention and of the safety culture in the company.

Eneria implements and maintains an accident prevention and risk management policy by means of its ISO 9001-certified management system, which was drawn up according to the principles of OHSAS 18001.

A policy is implemented in the company to strengthen this commitment in every activity and at all levels of management.

We are also VCA certified. 

Reducing the impacts of our operations

Our activities largely consist of service and maintenance operations for capital goods supplied to our customers. These operations are carried out both at our customers’ premises and in our workshops and involve a significant amount of travel by our staff. It is our aim to reduce our energy consumption and the greenhouse gas emissions generated by these operations as much as possible. Also, guaranteeing safe working conditions for all our employees is a priority.

Ensuring the wellbeing of our teams, stakeholders in our corporate social responsibility

We know what we owe to the skills of our teams. The women and men of the company are at the heart of our CSR approach. Our ability to recruit and retain employees depends on a high-quality working environment and the promotion of diversity.

Actions taken in favour of employee well-being

Eneria has taken numerous actions to improve the well-being and quality of life at work of its employees.

  • Group home-working agreement: In 2021, Monnoyeur introduced a group-wide home-working agreement for all eligible jobs.  The new agreement signed with the staff representatives allows every employee greater flexibility in the organisation of their work, and up to two days of home-working per week.
  • Happiness @work is the focus of our Human Resources team to make sure trainings are planned and a dialog can take place with a lot of openness and integrity for a healthy and pleasant working atmosphere.