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Service and maintenance
of Cogeneration and biogas gensets

Gas Biogas: maintenance contracts for your gensets with a guaranteed results

Eneria proposes maintenance and intervention contracts, lasting 12 years for gas and 15 years for biogas, that allow your cogeneration power plants to function in complete safety.

They contain availability and performance guarantees:

  • Guaranteed preventive, curative and corrective maintenance costs,
  • Production guarantee (electricity and heat),
  • Guaranteed fuel consumption of the engines,
  • Equipment warranty – extended service coverage.

Services and Maintenance: guarantee the reliability of your gas and biogas gensets in the long term

In its maintenance contracts for gensets, Eneria offers several services to guarantee the performance of your gas and biogas gensets throughout their working lives:

Preventive maintenance of your gensets

We organise several services per year that may be part of a maintenance plan, or not.

Diagnostic, trouble-shooting and fault analysis

Our engine oil analysis programmes enable us to interpret the state of health of your engine and to optimise the lifespan of its components. Our technicians use high-performance tools to conduct efficient diagnostics (infrared thermography, network analysers, etc.).

Curative maintenance

Our local network can guarantee quick interventions throughout France for all types of operations (mechanical, electrical, automatic control systems). Our 200 technicians dedicated to services and maintenance are available 24/7.

Power plant renovations

We service your power plants (air coolers, silencers, acoustic traps, control or power cabinets, tanks, compliance, etc.) and recondition your gas or biogas gensets, on site or in our engine renovation workshop.


Our technicians can help you with the commissioning of your cogeneration power plants or gensets.

The advantages of a maintenance contract for your gas and biogas gensets

Eneria can maintain your methanation unit

Do you operate a methanation unit?  

Eneria can help you to optimise the energy production and the availability of your installation, thanks to its Service and Maintenance teams, and by proposing maintenance contracts for your gas and biogas gensets that meet your needs.

More about our expertise in services and maintenance

Our projects

Eneria is renovating the biogas genset in the SUEZ waste storage centre in Saint-Maximin