Energy solutions for the oil and gas industry

Onshore and offshore drilling platforms: a sensitive activity. Demands for electricity for oil and gas applications in extreme conditions.

With rising worldwide demand, extremely volatile prices and changing economic and political situations, the oil and gas sector faces a multitude of challenges. The oil and gas industry must be able to rely on a well-adapted, reliable and permanently available energy source for all its applications and onshore and offshore platforms.

The oil and gas industry needs a reliable supply of electricity, for exploration operations for deposits of crude oil and natural gas, drilling and the operation of oil and gas wells and extraction operations, not to mention the refining of crude oil and the treatment of natural gas. This energy is also used to deliver power to the living quarters on oil and gas extraction sites and platforms.

Any cuts in the power supply can have serious consequences on the continuity of sensitive operations, incurring risks for the operations personnel and of environmental damage that can have a serious financial impact.

Thanks to our expertise in energy engineering and backup electricity supply solutions for the oil and gas industry, we can offer reliable energy solutions that are well suited to your equipment and guarantee reliable operations, even on the most diverse extraction sites and in the most demanding environments (weather conditions, dust, etc.).

We propose a wide range of Caterpillar engines for drilling, extraction and gas compression, as well as for oil exploration vehicles.

Our products for the oil and gas industry:
Are you looking for an efficient, sustainable and decarbonised global, multi-energy solution for your oil and gas operations?
Find out how Eneria can help you to find the ideal energy solution.

Backup diesel gensets for oil and gas platforms

We offer a broad range of backup diesel gensets with different power outputs that limit downtime, minimise risks, especially for drilling and extraction equipment classified as hazardous, and guarantee the availability of safety and emergency systems.

Oil and gas sites are located in isolated and hostile places, with difficult weather conditions (salty air on offshore sites, extreme temperatures, dusty environments, storms, etc.). You need reliable gensets that are well-adapted to your oil and gas facilities in order to meet your oil platforms’ demands for electricity at an optimal cost.

Our experts offer the best equipment in our range of diesel and biodiesel gensets that are best adapted to the oil and gas sector. Our covered gensets are designed to withstand even the toughest working environments and foul weather conditions that could degrade their performance.

Gas gensets

The gas resulting from the production of oil or the extraction of gas, known as fatal or non-compliant gas, can be recovered, instead of being discharged into the atmosphere. This gas can be used to produce the energy that powers gas-fuelled gensets. This solution is particularly well suited to the needs of the oil and gas sector to produce a backup energy or to deliver a continuous power supply to living quarters.

We can call on our expertise and our know-how to offer high-performance recovery solutions.

Industrial engines for the oil and gas industry

We can call on our experience of every aspect of the oil and gas industry to propose innovative equipment solutions for drilling, well maintenance, pumping or production, oil exploration vehicles or the ships that supply oil rigs. Our know-how extends to the compressors installed on the gas transmission pipelines.

The engines in your machines must be compact and environmentally friendly, with a favourable weight-to-power ratio Our renowned expertise in industrial engines enables us to propose a broad range of high-performance engines. They are designed to operate in even the toughest conditions, while also guaranteeing maximum availability and low fuel consumption.

We can support your integration engineering works to strike the best compromise between performance and the cost of operation.

Find out more about our solutions based on renewable energies

Do you want to harness the potential of renewable energies for the main or backup power supply of your onshore oil platform? We have the solutions: 


Our gensets and industrial engines can be fuelled with biodiesel in order to significantly reduce your environmental impact.

Panneaux solaires

Photovoltaic solar panels

Our solar panels, which produce a renewable energy that supplements your main source of energy, are the ideal solution for isolated sites. They can use your free spaces to produce green energy.
You can install our solar panels on your terrains to power the night-time lighting system of your onshore platform, for example.

Are you looking for energy solutions for your onshore oil platforms, which are usually located in remote places, while making energy savings at the same time? We have developed a solution that combines the production and storage of solar energy with the installation of a genset.

The Eneria Hybrid Sunbox is a hybrid diesel / solar / battery energy production system that consumes solar energy as a priority and stores any excess solar energy in its batteries. The batteries then supply the energy when the sun is weaker. The batteries are powered and charged by the genset at night or in overcast weather.

Hydrogen genset by EODEV

Hydrogen genset

The hydrogen genset solution: zero emissions guaranteed. The GEH2® only discharges water. Totally silent and odour-free.

Hydrogen-powered fuel cells produce the electricity you need for both a continuous power supply and a backup energy source.

When combined with our other sources of renewable energies, this technology offers a multitude of possibilities to reduce the environmental impact of your oil platforms.

How to maintain your gensets and industrial engines?
Electrical Services and Maintenance for the oil and gas industry

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