The industrial and rail engines range

Eneria offers a wide range of industrial and rail engines. Your ambitious projects deserve the best-adapted and highest-performing engines. With Eneria, the Caterpillar engines will make a success of your project. Our industrial and rail engines feature all the strengths of the brand: long lifespan, reliability, efficiency and high performances.

Industrial engines

Eneria has the right solution for your most demanding applications. Our industrial and rail engines are designed to meet the applicable emissions standards.

Our complete range of engines is designed to comply with Stage V, from the C0.5 to the C32. This range meets the emissions standards, while creating real value for equipment manufacturers and their customers.

When you work with Eneria, you benefit from our engineering expertise to support your new product development programmes.

Starting with the C2.8, C3.6, C9.3B, and C13B, Caterpillar’s industrial engines meet all the Stage V emissions standards.

Stage V engines range

Power and robustness

Our Stage V products can meet all the needs of all your industrial applications. From the C0.5 (two cylinders) to the C32 (12 cylinders), our range of industrial engines will meet all your needs.

Everything is ready to help you progress to Stage V: Caterpillar, the dealers, the engines, the services and the spare parts.

  • Increased power density
  • Maximum availability
  • Lower maintenance and operating costs
  • Simpler and more compact post-processing system
  • Simple and flexible engine installation
  • Service and support through our unique global network

Rail engines range

Rail engines - Stage IIIA and Stage IIIB

As a multi-application specialist, Eneria has the right know-how and range of diesel engines for the rail sector, for both locomotives and rail tractors.

Our range extends from 200 to 2,000 kW, and from Stage II to Stage V. The power, weight and gauge categories, plus a multitude of other characteristics, form the basis of our range of diesel engines.

We have a strong command of all the available technologies: Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valves, active or passive particulate filters, reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by urea injection (Adblue), etc.

Fire pump engines range

An immediate start at all times is essential for fire pump engines. The Caterpillar fire pump engines are renowned for their reliability.

Our range extends from 218 to 600 kW and covers a broad mix of onshore oil and gas installations, ships or offshore rigs. Depending on the settings, it is available for the NFPA20, UL/FM and UL standards.