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Services and maintenance
of industrial and rail engines

Our services for your industrial and rail engines

Eneria maintains your Caterpillar industrial and rail engines according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, irrespective of the machine and whether they are used in industry, public works, agriculture or the rail sector.

Our experienced team, that has a strong command of the specific issues of your activity, is available to intervene quickly and efficiently in order to meet your needs.

Contact our Services and Maintenance team,
from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday:

Diagnostic packs for industrial and rail engines

Does your Caterpillar engine need a diagnostic? Do you need to consult an expert before a more advanced intervention?

We can offer a simple solution that includes:

  • The travel of an Eneria specialised technician
  • A precise diagnostic
  • A diagnostic report

How does your Caterpillar industrial engine benefit from the diagnostic pack?

  • A clear and precise solution
  • A technical service and intervention by a technician specialised in industrial and rail engines
  • Tight control of your budgets

Our service and maintenance offer for your industrial and rail engines

Preventive maintenance of your engines

Schedule the maintenance of your Caterpillar industrial and rail engines in advance to optimise the operation of your engines.

The maintenance intervals vary according to the engine and the application. Contact us to draw up your maintenance plan.

Oil checks for industrial engines

Engine oil check programmes to interpret and keep a record of the state of health of your engine. Our technicians use electronic detection and analysis systems developed and updated by Caterpillar.

Maintenance contracts
for your industrial and rail engines

Annual or multi-year maintenance contracts, with an availability and intervention guarantee, ranging from entry-level to full-service.

You can control your maintenance costs, because they are known in advance.

Caterpillar warranties

Extend the lifespan of your new or used engine with a Caterpillar warranty or the Caterpillar extended service coverage.

Receive worldwide assistance from Caterpillar and keep your maintenance budget under control during the warranty period.

Spare parts

Thanks to the high availability and quick response of the worldwide Caterpillar network, you can receive Caterpillar parts for your industrial and rail engines in record time.

On, you have 24/7 access to the entire online catalogue, or you can contact our teams for your parts orders.

Recondition your engine

Eneria offers industrial and rail engines that have been reconditioned in our specialised engine renovation workshop and give a second lease of life to your engine. Our reconditioned engines can reduce the downtime of your equipment by opting for a second-hand engine. 

System optimisation

You can rely on the feedback and know-how of Eneria (settings) to increase the efficiency of your engine.