Energy solutions for the military

The military: a sector that demands high precision. Demand for energy for all military applications.

The military sector is complex, demanding and strategic. The success of the armed forces’ missions is highly dependent on energy supplies. Supplies that are essential for both daily life on military bases, and during phases when the armed forces are engaged in action.

Continuous main and backup power supplies

Electricity supplies on military bases are essential for both the daily life of the personnel (HVAC, lighting), but also for the operation of field hospitals, kitchens, equipment repair workshops, information systems and means of communication. Military camps need a stable, reliable and continuous supply to meet their needs and to maintain their operational capacity. A requirement made all the more important by the fact that military operations take place in varied and complex environments, in remote locations with restricted, poor or no access to the electricity grid.

In order to secure and monitor strategic buildings and to protect sensitive data, military bases must also be able to rely on a high-quality electricity supply. Even short power cuts can have serious consequences on military operations. It is vitally important to install well-adapted backup energy production solutions, in order to prevent any incidents and guarantee the uninterrupted supply of electricity.

Thanks to our expertise in energy engineering for the military, we can offer a broad range of energy solutions for the continuous main supply or backup supply solutions for your military sites and applications.

Engines for military land vehicles and military vessels

We supply a broad range of reliable and durable engines that meet the environmental standards for land-based machinery (vehicles, locomotives) and vessels operated by the military or the State.

Our products for the military:
Are you looking for an efficient, sustainable and decarbonised global, multi-energy solution for your military operations?
Find out how Eneria can help you to find the ideal energy solution.

Diesel gensets for the military

The military sector demands reliable and precise energy supplies for its military bases, field hospitals, strategic military buildings or the information systems of military camps.

The gensets must meet a multitude of needs, depending on the military application. You need robust and reliable diesel gensets that are sufficiently powerful to meet the operational needs of a military camp or to secure the energy supply of a strategic site.

Our diesel gensets can operate in backup mode in order to cope with interruptions of supply, as well as in continuous mode, if the main electricity grid fails. They are robust enough to withstand even the most difficult environments. Our soundproofed and mobile gensets also offer a broad power range that is perfectly suited to the military sector. Our experts offer the best equipment in our broad range of diesel and biodiesel gensets that are best adapted to electric power plants.

Gas gensets

We offer a broad range of gas or biogas-fuelled gensets to meet your needs for a continuous or backup power supply.
An energy supply solution that is perfectly suited to the military sector.

Our cogeneration gas-fuelled gensets give you the possibility to combine the production of electricity and heat for optimal energy efficiency.

Industrial engines for military vehicles

We offer innovative solutions to equip the military land vehicles deployed in your military operations, whether they are used as a means of combat, for liaison or transmission purposes or as troop carriers.

From military buggies, to the 4×4 military vehicles, 4×4 military trailers or tracked vehicles, the engines installed in your military vehicles must be compact and environmentally friendly, with a favourable weight-to-power ratio. Our renowned expertise in industrial engines enables us to propose a broad range of high-performance and reliable engines for military vehicles and machinery.

We can support your integration engineering works to strike the best compromise between performance and the cost of operation.

Marine engines for military vessels

We offer made-to-measure propulsion solutions that meet the needs of the navy. From military and armed ships, to support vessels, landing craft, patrol boats and interceptor boats, we offer a complete range of engines, gensets and onboard auxiliaries for the navy and other vessels operated by the State.

We work with numerous shipyards and we can support your integration engineering works to strike the best compromise between performance and the cost of operation.

Industrial engines for locomotives

Our engines make trains powerful, fast and safe. We supply reliable and durable engines that meet environmental standards for locomotives and other specific railway machinery.

We can support your integration engineering works to strike the best compromise between performance and the cost of operation.

Storage batteries for the armed forces

Our storage batteries guarantee a reliable energy source that is well adapted to your military applications. When they are integrated with our uninterruptible power supplies, our ranges of lithium or lead batteries can be used to start your engines or to maintain the continuity of the electric current. Electric storage batteries also help to create an optimal energy mix, when used in combination with our other energy sources.

Find out more about our solutions based on renewable energies

Do you want to harness the potential of renewable energies to fully or partially power your military base? We have the solutions to meet your needs:


Our gensets can be fuelled with biodiesel in order to significantly reduce your environmental impact.

Panneaux solaires

Photovoltaic solar panels

Our solar panels are a source of renewable energy that supplement your main energy source and allow you to make good use of your available spaces to produce green energy.
You can install our solar panels on military terrains or on the roofs of your military buildings.

Biomass boilers

Biomass enables you to reduce your dependency on fossil energies. It also uses local resources.

Eneria Hybrid Sunbox

Are you looking for energy solutions to operate your military bases, which are usually located in remote places, while making energy savings at the same time? We have developed a solution that combines the production and storage of solar energy with the installation of a genset.

The Eneria Hybrid Sunbox is a hybrid diesel / solar / battery energy production system that consumes solar energy as a priority and stores any excess solar energy in its batteries. The batteries then supply the energy when the sun is weaker. The batteries are powered and charged by the genset at night or in overcast weather.

This standalone and compact hybrid energy production system, housed in a container that is easy to transport and quick to deploy, is ideally suited to your military projects.

Thermal solar panels

Thermal solar panels produce water at temperatures of up to 180°C that can be used for your military camp, even in overcast weather.

Hydrogen genset by EODEV

Hydrogen genset

The hydrogen genset solution: zero emissions guaranteed. The GEH2® only discharges water. Totally silent and odour-free.

Hydrogen-powered fuel cells produce the electricity you need for both a continuous power supply and a backup energy source.

When combined with our other sources of renewable energies, this technology offers a multitude of possibilities to reduce the environmental impact of your military camp.

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