Electric power supply for events

Events and leisure: a dynamic sector. Demands for reliable, soundproofed and low-emission sources of electricity to guarantee the success of all types of events.

All types of events and leisure venues, from concerts, to shows, film sets, festivals, conferences, sporting events, theatres, museums, theme parks and swimming centres need a reliable, soundproofed and low-emission energy supply source. An uninterruptible source of electricity plays a key role in the success of an event, as well as protecting the safety and well-being of the audience or spectators. Sporting events cannot do without electricity!

Every event has its own specific needs, depending on its complexity. Certain events take place on sites where the electrical infrastructure is insufficient, or even non-existent. In some cases, even when an electrical infrastructure is available, it is crucially important to prepare solutions to cope with failures or power cuts. A power cut can seriously compromise the success of an event, resulting in losses of data or damage to the equipment that is essential to the organisation of the event. It can also put the safety of the participants and the spectators at risk and have serious financial consequences.

It is essential to use a main and a backup energy solution to guarantee the success of an event, according to the requirements and various parameters. First comes exposure to the elements, because many events take place outdoors. Then comes the soundproofing of the equipment, so that the noise does not disrupt the event and disturb the spectators. Lastly come the emissions, in order to reduce the carbon footprint of events, which often take place in urban environments.

Thanks to our expertise and our know-how in energy and electrical backup systems engineering for the events and leisure sector, you can benefit from solutions specifically adapted to your sector of activity that will guarantee the success of your sporting and leisure events.

Our products for the entertainment sector:
Are you looking for an efficient, sustainable and decarbonised global, multi-energy solution for your events and leisure activities? Find out how Eneria can help you to find the ideal energy solution.

Diesel gensets for the main and backup power supplies for all types of events

You need gensets that guarantee the main and backup electricity supplies on the site in order to guarantee the success of your event.

Our diesel gensets will guarantee the success of your sporting or other events, while protecting the safety of everyone.

They can power the lighting systems, technical equipment and premises, while providing a comfortable temperature for your technical staff, artists, athletes and the spectators. They can also replace the public grid in the event of a power cut.

Our compact, robust and mobile gensets are available with different power outputs that supply the quantity of energy required. They are designed to meet international standards for high efficiency, low fuel consumption and compliance with anti-pollution standards. Our gensets are available with a broad selection of options, such as soundproof casings or containers that reduce noise levels and can be adapted to sensitive environments.

Our experts offer the best equipment in our broad range of diesel and biodiesel gensets that are best adapted to the events and leisure sector.

Gas gensets

We offer a wide range of gas or biogas gensets that meet your needs for the continuous supply of electricity or electricity and heat (cogeneration), or for use as a backup power supply solution.
An energy supply solution that is perfectly suited to the leisure and events sector.

Gas-fuelled gensets are an optimised and ecological solution to produce steam, hot water or hot or cold air.

Find out more about our solutions based on renewable energies

Do you want to harness the potential of renewable energies to fully or partially supply power for your event? We have the solutions:


We offer biodiesel-fuelled gensets that can effectively help you to reduce the environmental impact of your event in order to address your environmental concerns.

Panneaux solaires

Photovoltaic solar panels

Our solar panels are a source of renewable energy that supplement your main energy source and allow you to make good use of your available spaces to produce green energy.
You can install our solar panels on the roofs of your concert halls or sports venues, or our photovoltaic canopies in your car parks.

Biomass boilers

Biomass enables you to reduce your dependency on fossil energies. It also uses local resources.

Thermal solar panels

Thermal solar panels produce water at temperatures of up to 180°C that can be used for your event, even in overcast weather.

Hydrogen genset by EODEV

Hydrogen genset

Do you want to reduce the environmental impacts of the events you organise and to contribute to the energy transition of the events sector? Hydrogen gensets are the solution.

Hydrogen gensets use a fuel cell to produce electricity close to the point of consumption, without any emissions of CO2 or fine particles. The GEH2® only discharges water. Totally silent and odour-free.

Hydrogen-powered fuel cells produce the electricity you need for both a continuous power supply and a backup energy source. When combined with our other sources of renewable energies, this sustainable and silent energy production solution offers a multitude of possibilities to reduce the environmental impact of your events.

How to maintain the electricity systems in the events sector?
Electrical Services and Maintenance for the events and leisure sector

Maintenance of multiple makes of gensets and engines

Installations of our energy solutions for the events and leisure sector

Eneria has installed three Caterpillar gensets with a power of 900 kVA in the Pierre Mauroy football stadium in Lille, France