Electric power supply for telecommunications

Communications networks and systems: a fast-changing market A demand for a reliable electricity supply that guarantees the availability and continuity of service of relay antennas and base stations.

Telecommunications networks play a key role in guaranteeing the faultless operation of communications services, such as emergency calls, broadband Internet or voice telephony. Telecommunications operators must provide a robust and high-performance network, even in the event of outages, in all regions and all weather conditions. The failure of communications networks can have serious economic consequences and also compromise the safety of sensitive infrastructures or individuals.

The supply of electricity, in normal or backup mode, is, therefore, a major challenge for telecommunications operators in order to power:

  • relay stations on isolated sites that are not readily accessible, to ensure that the telecommunications signals can be transmitted, even in remote regions.
  • base transceiver stations (BTS) that are located in places that are difficult to access, and that need a reliable backup power supply in the event of a power cut, to guarantee the availability of the communications systems.


Thanks to our expertise in energy engineering and to our backup electricity systems for telecommunications, you can benefit from solutions specifically adapted to the telecommunications sector in order to secure a continuous supply of electricity for your communications networks and base transceiver stations.

Our products for telecommunications:
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Backup gensets for telecommunications operators

The power of the gensets installed varies significantly, according to the quantity of energy required. You must have gensets that meet the energy demands of your communications networks in order to guarantee the continuous flow of data and voice communications, while also optimising your costs.

Lengthy power cuts can result in a loss of revenue and customer dissatisfaction. Even when a power cut occurs on the public grid, it is imperative to guarantee the continuous 24/7 supply of electricity to your sites, even in places that are remote and difficult to access.

Our experts offer the best equipment in our broad range of diesel and biodiesel gensets that are best adapted to the telecommunications sector. We offer the best integrated solutions for difficult environments, in the form of gensets that are contained in casings or integrated into the building.

UPS backup power supplies for telecommunications

You must address the issues of current quality and micro-power cuts in order to make your communications networks as reliable and as efficient as possible.

Our dedicated UPS for telecommunications guarantee the continuity and the quality of the electric current, as soon as a deterioration or a break of the current is detected.

In combination with our backup gensets, our uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) can perfectly cover the time required to start up the gensets, which is about 15 seconds. An Eneria expert can act as your single point of contact for the successful integration of these two systems.

Storage batteries for the telecommunications sector

Our electricity storage batteries can be used to store the surplus energy produced by your systems, and to use this surplus energy when your demand for electricity exceeds your production. They are the ideal solution to overcome the intermittent nature of certain renewable energies and to optimise the management of your energy mix.

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We offer biodiesel-fuelled gensets that can effectively help you to reduce your environmental impact.

Panneaux solaires

Photovoltaic solar panels

Our solar panels are a source of renewable energy that supplement your main energy source and allow you to make good use of your available spaces to produce green energy.

Our Hybrid Sun-box technology enables you to connect these panels to our gensets to guarantee the continuity of the electricity supply, even when the sun is not shining.

Hydrogen genset by EODEV

Hydrogen genset

The hydrogen genset solution: zero emissions guaranteed. The GEH2® only discharges water. Totally silent and odour-free.

Hydrogen-powered fuel cells produce the electricity you need for both a continuous power supply and a backup energy source.

When combined with our other sources of renewable energies, this technology offers a multitude of possibilities to reduce the environmental impact of your telecommunications sites.

How can the electric systems of your communications networks and base transceiver stations (BTS) be maintained?
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Maintenance of multiple makes of gensets and UPS

Installations of our energy solutions for the telecommunications sector

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