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Renovation of CATERPILLAR engines and parts

Renovation workshops: a second lease of life for your engines and parts

We know that machine downtime can impact your activity. This is the reason why Eneria has invested in its own renovation workshops for engines (

Eneria proposes a global services and maintenance offer: preventive maintenance, oil checks, maintenance contracts, Caterpillar warranties, spare parts, engine renovations and system optimisation.

The Eneria Services and Maintenance team supports you by proposing a broad and personalised offer that meets your needs, irrespective of the type of Caterpillar engine or part. Engine and parts renovations provide faster access to new equipment, while also protecting the planet by giving a second lease of life to your equipment, but most importantly, they enable you to make significant savings by opting for renovated parts or engines.

Maintenance and renovation of Caterpillar engines: give a second lease of life to your engine

In our brand new workshop in Overijse, we can take care of your  Caterpillar engines. 

Our experts renovate Caterpillar engines. 

What are the main steps of the renovation of a Caterpillar engine in the Eneria renovation workshop?

Unloading and cleaning
When the engine arrives in the unloading zone in Overijse, the teams cleans and degreases the engine, before sending it to the engine renovation workshop.
Disassembly of the engine
When the engine arrives in the engine workshop, it is completely disassembled by our technicians. Every part is machine-washed, then sand-blasted to remove any imperfections from the parts.
Reassembly of the engine
Once the parts of the engine have been cleaned, the engine is transferred to the reassembly zone. Every part of the engine is checked and replaced, if necessary. Eneria uses new or re-manufactured Caterpillar parts, or parts from our component renovation workshop. The Eneria technicians are trained and certified by Caterpillar in order to reassemble the engines.
Engine tests
Once the engine has been reassembled, it is sent to the test bench in order to test all the technical elements. This step is essential before installation on the customer’s site. The compliance and performance of the engine are checked.

Maintenance and renovation of Caterpillar parts and components

The component renovation workshop reconditions cylinder heads, turbos, water pumps and dampers according to the Caterpillar standard exchange process.

What are the main steps of the renovation of a Caterpillar component in the Eneria renovation workshop?

Unloading and cleaning
When the returned parts arrive in the unloading zone in Mions, the teams clean and degrease them, before sending them to the renovation workshop.
Metrological analysis
When the components arrive in the workshop, our technicians thoroughly analyse every one of the parts that make up the component.
Renovation and reassembly of the component
The parts are cleaned and reconditioned, the components are machined, if necessary, and any defective or worn parts are replaced.
Pre-shipment inspection of the components
Before they are shipped, every component is inspected, approved and traced by an operator.

An engine and parts renovation workshop that complies with Caterpillar’s Contamination Control programme

The engine and parts renovation workshops meet the various assessment criteria of the Contamination Control programme, i.e.:

  • Safety: everything is designed to protect the safety of the equipment and the technicians using leading-edge devices.
  • Clean workshops: The floor of the workshop is cleaned every day with an auto-washer. In this way, the technicians can work in a healthy workshop.
  • The quality of the tools: Eneria has installed equipment in the workshop to move heavy loads and to make the technicians’ work easier.
  • Processes: the engines are renovated according to the process explained in the four steps above.

The Eneria engine and parts renovation workshops scored the maximum of five stars in Caterpillar’s Contamination Control assessment programme.