The Caterpillar sizing tool: SpecSizer

The incorrect sizing of your power plant can have a number of consequences: if it is undersized, the start-up current, power, safety and signal quality will all be impacted, while if it is oversized, the price and consumption will be higher, and you will pay unnecessary shipping costs.

Caterpillar understands that calculating the right size yourself by hand can become too complex, which is the reason why it developed a sizing tool: SpecSizer.

With SpecSizer, the right load and performance of your genset will be sized in just a few clicks:

  • The tool is guaranteed by Caterpillar to make your offers reliable
  • A simple user manual is available to guide you through the sizing process of your power plant
  • Your projects are saved in your folders and can be published in different formats (PDF, .doc, .xls, etc.)
  • Once the project is complete, you can download the sizing reports