400 to 2,000 kWe biogas gensets

A range of flexible, high-performance biogas gensets.

Our gas gensets are designed to function with your most abundant sources of gas and feature flexible combustion options adapted to natural gas, biogas, city gas and alternative fuels.

The new engine technologies supply power and heat, or allow for cogeneration for range-topping thermal and electrical efficiency. Several options are available from the factory, including containers, heat recovery modules, control systems and turnkey containerised systems.

Biogas genset range

CG132B-08 BG / 400 kWe

CG132B-12 BG / 600 kWe

CG132B-16 BG / 800 kWe

CG170-12 BG (1MW) / 1 000 kWe

CG170-12 BG / 1 200 kWe

CG170-16 BG / 1 560 kWe

CG170-20 BG / 2000 kWe