CO2 balance simulator

Simulation of the CO2 balance of your genset

Do you care about the energy transition? Are you thinking about reducing your carbon footprint? Do you want to optimise your energy bill? Then simulate the CO2 balance of your genset!

The simulator uses three criteria to identify the solutions that Eneria can implement to limit the consumption of your genset and to continue your energy transition. The CO2 balance simulator estimates the carbon consumption of your genset in the three phases of its life cycle: construction, operation and dismantling. It uses four items of information: the power of the machine, the fuel used, the presence of a heat pump and the type of use.

Our solutions to limit your CO2 balance

Eneria can use a simulator to demonstrate the CO2 savings that can be made during the life cycle of a genset, and then propose solutions that meet your needs and speed up your decarbonisation.

Modernise the equipment:

  • Heat pumps for heating: reduce your electricity consumption to control the temperature of the genset engines.

Use biofuels:

  • HVO: up to 90% decarbonisation 

Want to know more?

Find out how Eneria can help you with your energy transition, thanks to our various solutions: