Biofuel: the renewable fuel

So-called biodiesel is made from bio-sourced and mainly plant-based raw materials, which means that it is renewable.

Some biofuels are 100% renewable:

  • B100: biofuel made from plant oils, such as rapeseed.
  • HV0100: biofuel made from plant oils, used oil or animal fat.

A proportion of between 7% and 20% of FAME-based (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) biodiesel is already contained in traditional diesel fuels. These fuels are respectively called B7 and B20.

Today, the acceleration of the strong growth of biofuels can be explained by three factors:

  • More demanding regulations,
  • A will to reduce our environmental footprints,
  • Taxes on non-road diesel.

Biofuels are an effective means of cutting CO2 emissions. Thanks to a carbon balance that is reduced by 50% to 60%, they enable users of diesel engines to meet the first targets of their energy transition project.

Our biofuel installations