• We offer you a wide range of Caterpillar diesel engines in many different versions designed for industrial or railway applications.
  • We offer you the complete line of Caterpillar diesel engines in many different versions.
  • Our Caterpillar industrial engines are suited to many fields. Our testimonials prove it.
  • Whatever your machine and whatever its application, we offer you a comprehensive range of service and maintenance packages.

Service and maintenance of the industrial and rail engines

Whatever your machine and whatever its application, be it industry, public works, agriculture or rail, Eneria can provide or not provide maintenance for Caterpillar engines depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation.

An experienced team that understands your business’s specific challenges is ready to respond to your needs quickly and effectively.

Our services

A wide selection of services to support your product applications, guaranteeing completely safe operation:

  • Preventive maintenance: Scheduling of service based on production hours and application.
  • Diagnosis, troubleshooting and breakdown analysis: Oil analysis services to interpret and keep a record of your engine’s health.Technicians equipped with detection and electronic analysis systems created and updated by Caterpillar.
  • Repairs: A speedy response due to our network of local representatives. All mechanical, electrical and electronic work on your engine.
  • Multi-level maintenance contract: from annual inspection to full service: Annual or multi-year, with an availability and servicing commitment, from basic to full service, maintenance costs are under control because they are known beforehand

  • A manufacturer’s warranty that can be extended for several years, whether the machine is purchased new or used
  • Guaranteed peace of mind regarding your maintenance budget

  • Availability and responsiveness of Caterpillar’s worldwide network, paired with the Monnoyeur Group’s Cat® engine network.

  • Our specialised workshop will rebuild your engine (breathe new life into your engine)
  • Reduce your equipment’s downtime.

  • A wealth of field experience and expertise (adjustments, settings, etc.) so that you get optimum performance from your engine.