• No matter how demanding your activity, we provide a comprehensive range of service and maintenance products.
  • We know that your business requires more than just high-quality products. That's why you can count on us for a full range of services and maintenance support, whatever the application.

Generator sets & UPS Maintenance

A whole range of services and facilities

Aging equipment, manufacturers recommendations, standards … are all checkpoints to ensure the reliability of your equipment over time.

Eneria provides maintenance for all Caterpillar and other brands energy generating facilities whatever power or components.

Depending on your needs, we provide repairs and overhauls that meet the highest standards CAT on site or in our workshops renovation.

Ensure the reliability of your equipment over time

Annual maintenance that may or may not fall under a long-term maintenance plan for your entire system.

Oil analysis services to interpret and keep a record of your engine’s health.

Technicians equipped with electronic detection tools created and updated by Caterpillar.

A speedy response due to our network of local representatives. All mechanical, electrical and electronic work (automation).

  • Generator rebuild on site or in our workshop
  • Complete update of generator (cooling system, mufflers, sound traps, switchgear, power cabinet, containers, standardisation, etc.)

A wealth of field experience and expertise (adjustments, settings, etc.) to optimise your systems’ performance.

Multilevel Service agreements

Whatever your installation, you have a standby genset or power plants (cogeneration, biogas), maintenance contracts Eneria meet all your needs.

The contract: the key to a successful partnership

Eneria offers multilevel maintenance contracts ranging from shared maintenance to a global maintenance with many options:

  • Annual or multi-year tour
  • Long-term full service
  • monthly tests for standby diesel generator sets
  • Commitment of availability and response time
  • Hardware extended warranty that can be extended for several years on new or occasion

Maintenance tours at several levels

Eneria undertakes to carry out facilities and maintenance services following to the frequency set with you – instance for diesel gensets emergency:

  • AT tour (Technical Assistance): visual inspection of the organs and main functions.
  • A.T.M. tour (Technical Assistance & Support): Operations AT control visit completed by services such as oil change, filter replacement, etc.
  • VTC tour (full test tour): operations control visit and ATM service completed by controls such as control of security of the group.
  • Triennial visit
  • Monthly testing of emergency generators
  • Annual or biannual visits for inverters

Gas & Biogas: maintenance contracts with guaranteed results

Eneria offers 12 years maintenance and intervention contracts for Gas (15 years for Biogas) allowing safe operation of your cogeneration plants.

They deliver availability and performance guarantees:

  • Guarantee the cost of preventive, curative and corrective maintenance
  • Production Guarantee (electrical and thermal)
  • Motors consumer warranty
  • Hardware Warranty – Extended Warranty