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Eneria provides a Standby Diesel Generator with efficient dust filtration

  • Customer : Total E&P Nigeria
  • Location : Nigeria
  • Type of package : soundproof, pressurized, close-fit, stainless steel (316L) enclosure

NOPL ( Northern option Pipeline) is a pipeline project in Nigeria developed by Total E&P Nigeria to convey gas to one of the National Integrated Power Plants at Alaoij in Abia state.

Eneria supplied a C32 ACERT Marine Auxiliary Engine for NOPL OML 58 project, 795kWe, coupled with a Leroy Somer alternator for the Emergency Diesel Generator Set. The whole generator set is contained in a soundproof pressurized close-fit stainless steel (316L) enclosure with synchronization and load sharing facilities with the main gas generator.

In order to adapt to the climate there is an efficient Harmattan dust filtration of all air entering the enclosure that removes dust and water from the air.

Technical specifications :

  • Starting systems: Dual hydraulic and pneumatic starting systems
  • Cooling system: Roof mounted radiator, vertical bundles with Ex’d’ electric motors
  • F&G system: CO2 Fire Extinguishing system complying with NFPA 12; F&G detection management SIL 2 with F&G Logic inside the UCP
  • Maintenance: Removable module of the enclosure on one side in order to remove/replace engine or alternator