News - April 27, 2021

Modernisation of the Caterpillar SIS information platform

As Caterpillar engines continue to modernise to deliver the greatest return for you, a new information platform has been developed that is more user-friendly, clearer and faster than the existing information platform, SIS 2.0.

The current Caterpillar SISweb information platform will be discontinued in May 2021, after which your access will expire. We recommend that you take the necessary measures to anticipate the discontinuation of the current SISweb information platform.

The new Caterpillar SIS information platform 2.0 is a more than worthy successor that offers you many advantages and improvements:

    • Your technician will spend less time on research;
    • You will need half the number of mouse clicks to look something up;
    • A search session takes a quarter less time, according to initial observations;
    • SIS 2.0 has an improved search function;

Reduced risk of errors and more efficient use:

    • Your own machinery is already available in the platform;
    • You will have the opportunity to follow user training if you want to opt for the paid module mail us at ;
    • You will have access to 3D drawings for many complex parts;
    • Information is displayed in several languages;

Increased information security and can be viewed on multiple devices:

    • An increased level of information security, including the introduction of a unique password for each user;
    • Accessible on computer, tablet and smartphone;

Information “tailored” to your own preferences
, capabilities and the organisation of your workplace.



Access to and use of the new SIS 2.0 information platform is subject to the following conditions:

    • • By using the information platform SIS 2.0, you explicitly accept the conditions of use and privacy concerning the application, which can be found on the website;
    • • With respect to the services made available, both Caterpillar and Bergerat Monnoyeur reserve the right to refuse the use of or your access to the information platform SIS 2. 0 (in its entirety or per user) or to terminate it with immediate effect without any motivation or explanation and without any compensation;
    • • Neither Caterpillar nor Bergerat Monnoyeur can be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, which results, in any way, from the use of SIS 2.0, among other things (without being limited to this) as a result of the partial or total unavailability of the platform, the use of the information made available on the information platform or as a result of the termination of any access.

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