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Eneria provides stand-by power during motorsport events

  • Customer: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
  • Location: Francorchamps
  • Type of package:
  • 2 x CAT 3512B – 1500 kVA in containers
  • 3 x Olympian GEP50 – 50 kVA
  • 1 x Olympian GEP65 – 65 kVA
  • 1 x Olympian GEH330 – 330 kVA

Executed in multiple phases, Eneria equipped the whole legendary F1 racetrack of Spa-Francorchamps with a permanent stand-by power installation.
To provide a solution to the various needs of the customer, a complex control system with three modes, was custom built.
Depending on the chosen mode and the event, both 1500 kVA machines are used as:

  • Normal stand-by power
  • Peak-shaving to relieve the grid during events with high power consumption
  • No-break power during crucial events with live television broadcasting

The smaller machines are in majority used to ensure the CCTV around the racetrack.

Technical specifications:

  • Complex control system with 3 modes, remote visualization, data logging …
  • 40 ft high-cube sound proof containers (1500 kVA machines)
  • 24/24u presence of our technicians is guaranteed on site during crucial events like the F1 and World Endurance Championship WEC