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New cogeneration for UZ Brussel

Eneria installs new cogeneration at UZ Brussel

  • Customer: UZ Brussel
  • Location: Laarbeeklaan 101, 1090 Jette
  • Product: Cogeneration

The university hospital UZ Brussel, closely collaborating with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, is a hospital that not only focuses on health care examination but also on education and scientific research. The hospital has only one thing in mind: offering patients the best possible care.

Eneria greets that goal with open arms and is proudly announcing her contribution by providing basic needs, heat and electricity, through cogeneration. The cogeneration power plant at UZ Brussel exists of 2 Caterpillar natural gas generator sets type CG170-12, each with 1200 kWe and an electrical output of 43,2%.

The produced electricity of the cogeneration is being fully used by the hospital.

The produced heat of the cogeneration is being optimally utilized by the different heat circles of the hospital.

  • The high temperature (70-90°C) water circuit of the hospital uses engine cooling from the heat of the flue gasses.
  • The low temperature (30-60°C) water circuit takes heat from the turbo coolers together with the flue gasses of the rest heat, including the latent heat through condensation.
  • Exceptional is that the radiant heat from the engines is used to preheat the combustion air from the boilers.

Through this extensive optimization by Eneria, this system achieves an overall efficiency of more than 100%, and a relative CO2 savings of 28.8%.

The CHP is running in function of the hospitals heat demand of the high temperature circuit. If there is little heat required (summer period), the motors can modulate power in between 100% and 60%, or one of the two engines can be turned off.

With that, UZ Brussel has one of the most efficient and flexible cogeneration facilities in its sector.

That’s not all. The unique feature of this system is that it can be used as a (comfort) emergency power supply. UZ Brussel already had emergency equipment provided by Eneria, which are fed to the emergency power circles of the hospital in the event of a power failure.

However, by providing the control of the cogeneration installation of an emergency power function, the CHP can be linked to the existing 3 Caterpillar diesel generators, so that there is an extra 3MVA available to backup battery power. This way, a lot of extra users enjoy emergency power in the event of a power failure without the hospital having to invest in additional emergency generators.

As one of the few players on the market that specializes in both emergency (diesel technology) and CHP (gas technology), Eneria has all the expertise to offer such an optimized system.
The Eneria engineers took care of the design and the project realization in 2015. The installation was completed in late 2015.

Eneria is also responsible for the maintenance of the installation who will run about 5,000 hours per year. Therefore, only own technical staff is brought into action. They are fully trained and equipped according to the high quality Caterpillar norms.